Tuesday, January 11, 2011

for styling project 4

i hope it looks punk that what its meant to b lol


cant believe i doing this at 2 am..

for styling project3

so many photos!!!

for styling project2

one of my favorite tshirt from Horace!

for styling project

haha blue wig doesnt really suit me does it lol i made da shirt ..
this was for my styling lesson..need to work harder

happy new year

this was in new year , went to XOYO with phil i was wearing hill
but phil was like nah u should wear silver with silver
oh the necklace that im holding is made by philip grisewood!
amazing !!

Daniel Pallilo

what a great designer i absolutely love his clothes if you dont know him
you should look up gosh i love this tshirt but i cant wear any jacket on top! lol
haha x