Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oxford Street.31.Aug.Dani

Dani, investment banker
jacket- Hackett
Shoes-Crockett & Jones

dont think me nutter! hehe im gonna ask you again if u can take photo of you
when I see u next time!
thanks for letting me know about ur sister design shop!

thanks xc

Oxford Street.31.Aug.Lisa Kelly

Lisa kelly
Designer! I was lucky!
top-american apperal

bag- Micheal kors

Acc- Samantha will ( want them)

Me myself and peggy gould

Me .(Peggy Gould)
LCF Student

I might be stranger for you but  i just love fashion and I love taking photo of good fashion people!

Oxford Street.31.Aug.Kirsty

Kirsty a.k.a Kitty from german! she loves kitty and apparently ppl call her kitty too hehe

love ur hair colour its so different

I really want this , from german no brand

her acc with kitty tattoo.. shes got 20 and i got 16 as i said u win..!

Oxford Street.31.Aug. Katy

Katy. u are very tall like model!
top- Free market

Short- H&M ( I want this)
Shoes- Timbaland
Bag -Mulberry
Sunglasses-Ray ban
thanks xc

Finchiley road. 31.Aug Bobbit

he was actually first person on 31 of august so i couldnt get much information
i think i was nervous but all I know is he's a buyer and his lovely boots are
from vivian westwood !
thanks xc

Oxford Street.31.Aug. Risa and Fumika

Risa and Fumika
One-piece- Another edition , RNA
Shoes- Minettonka , Converse
Bag- None , Uniqlo

hope u guys have good and safe trip thanks xc

Oxford Street.31.Aug. Alex

she was on her way to her lunch meeting
i said it will take only 1 min and i had to finish all these in 1 min hehe..

thanks xc

Oxford Street.31.Aug. Laura

Hypno heorapist
top and skirt are all from jane norman

thanks xc

Voilinist on the street. 31.Aug

Oxford Street.31.Aug. Marina

red cape are vintage from her grandma i LOVE them

Chanel sunglasses

and gucci bag

thanks xc

Beautiful baby Alex onda bus

He's called Alex what a beautiful baby

i love this photo cuz i took this photo secretly .. sneaky! and baby is actually smiling xc

Oxford Street.31.Aug. Jack

Jack u were lil shy person haha
Jacket-Micheal Keiser
Pants- Swear
Bag- Jack will

thanks xc

Finchiley road. 31.Aug

Hailey! student from saint martin lives right next to me haha

top- none (but from Korea ) its skull face in the back
skirt- H&M
thanks xc 

Pic from We did it folder

front of S's house haha

its just underwear on top of baigetop ;p

suppose to be very big picture dam it